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The Noxious Duel of Arcane Aromas

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Two magician rivals battle in the final of a wizard card tournament. Wizard cards bend reality, whatever is done in game happens in real life to the opponent. Once a player is reduced to 0 life a players ultimate card is played and then they win the game. The first girl plays a skunk deck. Her deck mostly consists of food cards like milk which do small amounts of damage and increase the next fart card played damage and smell. Her deck also contains one skunk girls who say buffs on fart cards don't go away. Her deck also contains a variety of fart cards such as dutch oven which does damage over time. Her ultimate card is card skunk fart, which has it's length double whenever a fart card is played. Her opponent is playing a piss deck. Her deck consists of playing animal cards and then playing cards which cause them to urinate on the opponent. Her ultimate card has all her animals piss on her for and then forces them to drink the puddle surrounding them. In the end the girl with the skunk deck won and in a shocking twist played not only her own ultimate on her opponent but their own as well, turning their animal pals against them, and in a wicked twist of fate, her skunk girls joined in, spraying the poor girl and adding their feces to the pool of piss the poor girl would have to slurp all up.

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