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The Duel of Scents and Sorcery

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2 magician girls decided to duel each other, the looser haveing to drink a gallon of skunk spray. The two were doing so because they believed the other had stolen their work and wanted to see them humiliated publicly. One mage used wind magic and had developed spells specifically for this duel to torment her opponent with fart scented winds. The other used water magic and had developed slimy water magic for this duel. In the end the wind mage will win and pour the skunk spray down the water mages throat herself. In one last cruel twist of fate it is revealed that the water mage in her hubris had a spell cast on the skunk spray that neither made the taste nor smell vanish after consumption, and to make things worse she also had gotten the bottle enchanted to hold 1000x the amount of liquid it normally would have, as she now has to drink 1000 gallons of skunk spray instead of only one. The gal of the wind mage was so great she had laced the spray with a potion, one which increased all of its drinkers senses a thousand fold, made a person perceive time a thousand times slower then everyone else, and prevented the consumer from falling unconscious.

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