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The Unwitting Host

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Zane is an alien slime, he can only live on Earth in someone's body. To live, he needed a container large enough. But he knows that in the end, the person he chooses as a vessel will burst when he grows too big. Zane is looking for someone with a big enough belly and who doesn't feel sorry for him. his choice falls on Lyudmila. Lyudmila is a twenty-five-year-old slavic blonde mother of many children, expecting her sixth child. Zane saw how she excluded her husband from the conversation and yelled at other girls because she was jealous of their appearance (after all, Lyudmila was pregnant and had a complex about her pregnant body). The mucus creeps up on Lyudmila when she is at home complaining about how much her belly has grown, how much her butt has grown, and how much her breasts have increased and getting bigger. Write what Zane thinks about the reasons for such changes during pregnancy in women. Zane penetrates Lyudmila through food. Because of him, Lyudmila’s appetite increases greatly and she eats more and more, eventually becoming fat. Her belly eventually swells to such a size that she has difficulty walking and screams in pain, due to the fact that Zane is a parasite in it. Finally Lyudmila bursts like a balloon. Write how Lyudmila’s husband reacts to the death of his pregnant wife and their unborn child. Zain asks for forgiveness and leaves. Write why he doesn’t particularly feel sorry for Lyudmila.

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