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The Stench of Victory: A VR Battle of Odorous Proportions

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Two girls are fighting in a completely immersive vr MMO RPG. You_Stink class is known as stinker. Her class involves farting on her opponent inflicting debuffs and poison status effect. she possessed 2 passives, 3 actives, and 1 special finisher skill. Her first passive was known as "Stinkers cruelty" which made her physical attacks inflict stun instead of doing damage, when an opponent reached 10 stacks they became unable to act for 5 seconds. Her second passive was known as "skunk stance", which made her farts smell 10x worse against stunned does, as well as doubling the effectiveness on status effects applied to stunned foes. Her first active skill was called "prepare yourself!", an attack where she hit the opponent 10 times, stunning them, additionally it increased the stench of the next fart skill by 200% and makeing it inflict a status effect which lowered a targets speed by 20%. Her second active skill was called "You stink at this!" A technique where she turned around and grabbed the opponents face, before farting on them, inflicting 20 stacks of poison and decreasing the opponents speed by 30%. Her final active was called "Too Slow!" Which if she was faster then her opponent let her automatically sweep them, the sweep inflicting stun, before she sat and farted on their face, inflicting 40 stacks of poison, and if their speed had been reduced to 0 let her release a 5 second long silent fart on their face, restoring their speed to normal but inflicting 100 stacks of poison. Her finisher, which could only be performed when the opponent possessed more then 100 stacks of poison was called "skunking" which was a technique where You_Stink grew a skunk tail before releasing a massive fart on her opponent, knocking them unconscious and giving their character a permanent reeks status effect. Her opponent was the user Cat_Girl_uwu who's class was called princess. She possessed 2 passives 3 actives and 1 finisher. Her first passive was called "prim and proper" which tripped the stacks of all spells she performed assuming she didn't use any physical attacks. Her second passive was called "charming princess" which made all status effects against a target be twice as potent so long as they possessed the charm effect. Her first skill was called "charming wink" which inflicted 5 stacks of charm on the opponent. Her second skill was called "nature's love" which made her twirl and sing, if anyone attempted to attack her during this move they would be tripped by a vine and while prone be farted on by a skunk, stunning the target for 10 seconds. Her 3rd skill was called "sing song" had her begin to sing, if not interrupted in 3 seconds would inflict the opponent with 100 charm. If the target has over 100 charm she could use her finisher "don't judge a book by it's cover" which forced the opponent to crawl on their hands and nease towards the princesses backside who quickly grows a skunk tail before farting on her foe, inflicting the status effect reeks on the foe permanently and knocking them unconscious. In the end Cat_Girl_uwu wins

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