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The Duel of Decay: Egg Magic vs. Vegetable Sorcery

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2 mages face each other in battle. The loser of this duel will lose their magic and face forever torment by the others magic. All magic in this world require chants and motions to cast. Rose has egg magic, and she knows 5 spells. Roses first spell was hard boil fast shot, which launched a hard boiled egg at the opponent at high speeds. The second was called rotten egg rocket, which launched a rotten egg at a foe, the smell makeing it harder to cast spells. Her third was called egg escape, 5 large eggs pop out of the ground as roses vanished, hidden inside of one. The Forth was none as egg prison, a short range spell which created a giant egg around the foe. The final spell she had was called rotten imprisonment which let her trap her opponent in a rotten egg if she managed to touch her for, which rapidly fills with the rotten eggs rotten inards. Sara was the other mage, her magic was vegetable magic, and she also had 5 spells. Saras first spell was called rancid tomato shot, which flung a rotten tomato at her opponent. Her second was called carrato cannon, which shot a carrot at her foe. Her third was called popping corn, which created a giant cloud of popcorn around her to block or dodge spells.her 4th spell was called squash trap, a short range spell which trapped her for in a pumpkin. Her final spell was called rancid sprouts, a spell that created terrible tasting sprouts that made the person who ate them mute for 24 hours, which shut their magic down. In the end rose beats Sara keeping her in a rotten egg forever.

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