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"Teenage Avengers: The Rookwood Chronicles"

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write a story about the avengers being cursed into being teenagers, so they enroll in an academy for the enhanced children, or Rookwood Academy. the principal shows them around but tony, who’s 14, tries to impress a random student named camille who’s 13, with phoenix powers and giant wings coming out from her back. she thinks it’s funny however the other avengers are giving him glares, but all the avengers have more teenage mindsets. what they don’t know is that the girl camille, or camille spinnet is the top prospect and the #1 junior hero in the enhanced program, and her friends being peter parker (from mcu) and neil dachi, are the #2 and #3 prospects also and they think it’s hilarious a random new kid tried to hit on her. camille also has blonde hair in pigtails and red gold eyes. include dialogue

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