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Scent of Victory: The Battle of the Ninja Girls

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Two ninja girls fought in a battle to capture the other. They both understood if they fell unconscious they'd most likely have all their knowledge tortured out of them. The first ninja girls name was rose, and her specialty was controlling her scent. Most of the time she smelled like roses but she could change the smell in an instant. She knew 5 offensive ninjutsu techniques. The first was called "Ninja art:Skunksune form" this technique would produce 9 skunk tails, amplifying the stench any foul scent she could produce by 10 times, and would make her super fast and super strong. Her second was called "skunk clones", which produced 3 copies of herself that if hit by a major attack would explode into a skunky fart, if she had 9 skunk tails it instead produces 30 clones. Her 3rd jutsu was known as "skunk shot jutsu" which released a wave of chakra enhanced fart gas behind her, which was strong enough to knock out most Shinobi, if she had 9 skunk tails the gas would also gain the ability to paralyze people who smelled it. Her 4th jutsu was called the spotted skunk technique, which was a counter to any physical rushes, when performed the target would end up where their face snug against roses butt, and would soon be hit with a noxious silent but deadly fart, if she has 9 skunk tails this attack instantly knocks the foe out. The final just she possessed was the forbidden "skunk box seal" which trapped the opponent in a barrier, which seals their ninjutsu, the sealer then sits on the box and repeatedly farts into it, if rose has 9 tails the box also slows the perception of time for all inside it. Amy roses opponent is also a Shinobi, focusing on icky substances. Her first jutsu is known as "toad mucus shot" where she fires a massive glob of toad mucus from her mouth in an attempt to bind you. Her second is called slime clones, which creates 2 slime clones that when hit explode into sticky slime. Her third is called syrup bomb which has her fire sticking syrup in every direction. Her 4th is called "ground bind" where she charges at her target and if she manages to catch her unimpeded slams a person onto the ground where mud comes forth trapping them. Her final jutsu is called "last kiss" if she manages to kiss a target on the lips she can activate last kiss, which completely disables their ability to move and changes all spit in their maw into skunk spray. The first half makes it seem like aimy is going to win but once rose activates her skuntsune form the balance of power shifts completely. The story ends with Amy chained up head facing the sky while roses questions her while sitting on her face, all the while eating ramen and farting up a storm.

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