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Nanny Wars: The Battle of Bumps and Curves

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Write a dialogue for a comedy: Story in littletown of Poland. Nanny Veronicais non-pregnant, and she comes to work for a large family. Roman and Lyudmila, her employers, are already expecting their sixth child. Blonde Lyudmila is heavily pregnant with a huge belly. Lyudmila is a quarrelsome woman. She was very happy when, due to pregnancy, her breasts doubled in size due to the arrival of milk. But Veronica still has larger breasts, even without pregnancy, which caused Lyudmila great anger. Lyudmila is indignant at Veronica's deep neckline and short dress for a nanny. In response, Veronica begins to make fun of Lyudmila’s huge pregnant belly, her breasts filled with milk and her plump buttocks. Come up with three theses from Veronica about Lyudmila’s pregnant belly, one thesis about the very fact of Lyudmila’s pregnancy, three theses about Lyudmila’s mother’s breasts enlarging from breast milk, and one thesis about the expansion of Lyudmila’s hips. Because of anger, Lyudmila’s breast milk first leaks.

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