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Bound by Sacrifice

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Write a sequel story of Zarek the anthropomorphic lizard and Remy the tiny rat encountering Talon, leader of the anthropomorphic hawk gang, pleading them to save his gang from a sorcerer. The two realized that it is the same sorcerer to tried to steal or destroy the temple while on vacation. They agreed with some hesistation. Once they arrived, they fought the sorcerer. Nearly winning, the sorcerer warned them that if they win, then Zarek's village and Talon's gang would be destroyed. However, he would not destroy Zarek's village and the anthropomorphic hawk gang if they agreed to be bound, gagged, and occasionally constricted. The two agreed. Once the sorcerer finished restaining and gagging them, he fulfilled his "promised" and left. After a few hours of enduring the constriction and muffling, Talon and his gang freed them and told them that they captured the male sorcerer by the same way Zarek and Remy endured. Talon and the anthropomorphic hawk gang thanked and apologized them for how they treated Zarek on their first and second encountered and Zarek and Remy forgave them.

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