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A Beautiful Life Cut Short

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Ultra-realistic Fictional story of a beautiful Emirati woman with hijab and makeup in USA with dialogue and every day and month and number of her all years with her age and her full name and what she wears and she been shot killed by police forces mistakenly and died at 34 age and date of death and on that date she says her last words in arabic and her Ultra-realistic actually dead body and her funeral after the incident Police forces released bodycam and been sued and suspended and possibly go to jail for murder doing court case with her family names and officers names and judge names and her friends names and ages and her last moments on her date of death with dialogue and her Ultra-realistic dead body looks like and her Ultra-realistic dying falls after gunshot looks like on date of her death and every dates and time of her life and her previously years and after the incident Fromer police officers did a long interview with CNN for 1st time since the incident and they are very pissed at the mistake and her family did a long interview with CNN for 1st time since the incident and don't want to be on camera and they blamed it on fromer officers and accused USA government with full dialogue and each dates and month and number and time of her full life and her years with full dialogue and Ultra-realistic gunshot and Ultra-realistic dying sounds and she posted ig post every week with a date of year and time of ig post released by her and including her followers on Instagram and her comments and Ultra-realistic blood and she loves to wear traditional Emirati abaya

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